Why we do it


Of course it is all about money.
And also about something else.

{privatescope} incorporates the pro­tection of digital human rights into the modern data business.

We strongly support the rights
• to remain anonymous,
• to get forgotten, and
• to retain digital privacy and digital freedom.

It is our choice as engineers, scientists and businessmen to serve these ideals.

...and it's still all about money!


Data is the new oil - a new global resource we should care for. Do we want to take the risk of data wars?

No, never!

This is why {privatescope} is establishing new technological and social standards for data pro­cess­ing.

Every data technology must
• be secure, efficient, sustainable, user friendly,
• enforce transparency,
• be resource-saving and efficient,
• cut it to the chase, and
• put solutions for customer needs in a nutshell.


No big words - obviously our world is quite strange.

We want it to become at least a little bit better.

Thus for {privatescope} matters
• how and with whom money is earned,
• how and why money is spent.

Ethics, profits, science and technology must be in balance - at least somehow.

Eventually it is all about how well you sleep.