Who we are


{privatescope} was found­ed in 2020 and is located near the Port of Hamburg in the famous St. Pauli quarter.

Our company serves global market and society needs for a software technology that focuses on simplifying the processing of personal and corporate data. Our open architecture openTurtle metadata and  powerful framework SPICE microtubes solve the critical problems of data heterogeneity and data quality.

And by the way: We were founded exactly 110 years after our  favorite soccer club was established!


{privatescope} is comprised of experts with each one having a substantial experience in sensible industries and sophisticated technologies:

• native software programming and software architecture,

• design and development of computer languages,

• mass data analysis for international enterprises,

• solutions for banking, insurance, public sector,
telecommunications, logistics and aviation.


{privatescope} believes that every single bit of data belongs to an owner and must therefore be handled with care and responsibility.

We aim to pioneer and set new standards in the way data is being processed. Data processing must be comprehensible and efficient.

Data processing must be simple by design. To drive a car you don't have to be a mechanic.

If you share our vision, be with us as a team member, a customer or an investor.