What we do


{privatescope}'s openTurtle metadata is an open software architecture for heterogenous data landscapes.

{privatescope}'s SPICE microtubes are deployable algorithms, that process data where it originates.

openTurtle metadata and SPICE microtubes serve enterprises as an extensible core for their own data fabrics.

It was never so straightforward to weave data fabrics! 


openTurtle metadata and SPICE microtubes can handle any structured data in any data source such as
• databases or file systems,
• open data sources,
• network services,
• enterprise service busses,
• network or cloud storages, and
• sensors or telemetric input.

With openTurtle metadata and SPICE microtubes enterprises can easily build the data fabric, that exactly fits their needs.

The processing will be fast, secure, scalable, extensible and future-proof.


Finance, banking, insurances, telecommunications, public sector and health care, transportation, automotive,
IoT-enabled industries and others consider our products when they need to

• unify heterogeneous data processing, 
• analyze and optimize data streams,
• transform data on-the-fly, in real-time,
• transform manual tasks into automated services,
• migrate from one data storage to another,
• generate training data for AI / ML systems, 
• generate reports from templates,
• ensure GDPR compliance,
• save costs and energy.