Extracting value from data and the integration of new data sources into business processes must be simple and flexible
data fabrics

Time has come to integrate and use your data in the most simple way.

Time has come to get to the natural core of your data fabric.

Just let the machines talk to each other, and weave efficient data fabrics.

data processing

Technological diversity always leads to data heterogeneity. Heterogeneity implies freedom and independence.

Defend these values: stop centralized data storage slavery in favor of distributed data processing.

Build metadata

How is your data structured and encoded?
Where is it located?

What quality does your data have?
What quality does it have to have?

In which way can your data be processed?
What value does it contain?

Make algorithms deployable

Never consider data without its metadata!

Employ reusable algorithms!

Do not duplicate the world!

Use data where it originates!