How we do it


We do the programming stuff all by ourselves.
Because we are passionate developers.

We believe, that "controlling the bits" is the key for
• reusable and extensible solution templates,
• fast reactions towards changing demands,
• unlimited creativity for new technology features.

Our software is comprised of robust C++ layers that serve as our core framework for the challenges to come.


An excellent team is founded on respect and faith.
Respect is founded on discipline and expertise.
Faith is founded on reliability and diligence.

To us, it is substantial to promote every single individual in our team.

Creativity rises, since an excellent team is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Great things can be achieved by great individuals, but outstanding innovations can only be achieved by exceptional team work.


Decisions are the heartbeat of a company. If they are taken too slowly or without well-founded expertise, the company as an organism is getting sick.

{privatescope} considers hierarchical decision making organizations to be an outdated model. They delegate responsibilities upwards, and often lack necessary expertise.

Our decision making process is time-boxed. A small team of experts decides within a well-defined amount of time.