SPICE C++ framework 

The SPICE C++ engine works specification-based, i.e., it requires its users to specify the data structures to be processed. A lot of specifications can also be generated automatically.

This "know your data" principle also provides a "single point of truth" for the structure of a company's data. The SPICE framework uses DataFlowSQL, our proprietary SQL slang, to address and process data elements in a data flow. Important SPICE's characteristics are:

• Use of industry standards C/C++, SQL, ASN.1, Unicode, OpenSSL, and others
• Data flow-based transient processing enforces data economy
• Platform, data source and encoding independency
• "Use what you need" through a modular structure
• Scalability and sustainability by design
• AI / ML ready
• IoT support through low resource requirements
• GDPR compliance: audit compliance, logging, authorization